Zig Ziglar was an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker who impacted millions of people worldwide with his inspiring and empowering messages. He was born in Alabama in 1926 and grew up during the Great Depression. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout his life, Ziglar never gave up and continued to inspire others with his positive attitude and motivational speeches.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”

Zig Ziglar

Ziglar’s motivational philosophy was centered on the idea that anyone can achieve success if they have the right mindset and take action towards their goals. He believed that success was not just about achieving wealth or fame, but also about leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. Throughout his career, Ziglar wrote numerous books and delivered countless speeches that motivated people to pursue their dreams and overcome their fears and obstacles. His legacy continues to inspire people to this day, and his teachings remain relevant and valuable for anyone seeking personal and professional growth.

The Philosophy of Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar was a motivational speaker and author who was known for his inspirational talks on personal development, salesmanship, and leadership. He believed that success in life and business was achievable through hard work, determination, and a positive attitude.

Positive Attitude

Ziglar believed that having a positive attitude was essential for success in life. He believed that a positive attitude could help people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. He often said that “your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

Ziglar encouraged people to focus on the positive aspects of their lives and to avoid negative thinking. He believed that positive thinking could lead to positive outcomes and that negative thinking could lead to negative outcomes. He often said that “positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

Goal Setting

Ziglar was a strong advocate for goal setting. He believed that setting goals was essential for achieving success in life and business. He often said that “if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Ziglar encouraged people to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. He believed that setting SMART goals could help people stay focused and motivated to achieve their objectives.

Ziglar also believed that accountability was essential for achieving goals. He encouraged people to share their goals with others and to ask for help and support when needed.

In summary, Zig Ziglar’s philosophy was centered around the importance of having a positive attitude and setting SMART goals. He believed that success in life and business was achievable through hard work, determination, and a commitment to personal development.

Key Motivational Principles

The Power of Words

Zig Ziglar believed that words have the power to motivate people to achieve their goals. He emphasized the importance of positive self-talk and using affirmations to build confidence and self-esteem. According to Ziglar, the words we use to describe ourselves and our abilities can have a significant impact on our success.

To illustrate this point, Ziglar often told the story of a man who referred to himself as a “bum.” After attending one of Ziglar’s seminars and learning about the power of words, the man changed his self-talk and began referring to himself as a “salesman.” He went on to become a successful salesperson and credited his success to the shift in his mindset.

Creating a Winning Image

Another key principle of Zig Ziglar’s motivational philosophy is the importance of creating a winning image. According to Ziglar, success is not just about achieving your goals, but also about projecting an image of success to others.

To create a winning image, Ziglar recommended paying attention to personal appearance, body language, and communication skills. He believed that dressing well, standing up straight, and speaking confidently can all contribute to a positive image.

Ziglar also emphasized the importance of setting goals and working towards them consistently. He believed that the process of setting and achieving goals can help build confidence and create a sense of accomplishment.

Overall, Zig Ziglar’s motivational principles emphasize the importance of positive self-talk, creating a winning image, and setting and working towards goals. By following these principles, individuals can build confidence, achieve success, and live a fulfilling life.

Ziglar’s Success Formulas

Zig Ziglar was a renowned motivational speaker and author who inspired millions of people to achieve success. He believed that success is not a destination, but a journey that requires continuous effort and improvement. Ziglar’s success formulas are based on his own experiences and observations, and they have helped many people to achieve their goals.

The Seven Steps to Success

Ziglar’s Seven Steps to Success are a set of principles that can help anyone achieve success in life. These steps are:

  1. Identify your goal: The first step to success is to identify what you want to achieve. Without a clear goal, you cannot make progress towards success.
  2. Create a plan: Once you have identified your goal, you need to create a plan to achieve it. Your plan should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
  3. Take action: The next step is to take action towards your goal. You need to be persistent and consistent in your efforts.
  4. Learn from your mistakes: Success is not a linear path. You will encounter obstacles and setbacks along the way. It is important to learn from your mistakes and use them as opportunities to grow.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people: Your environment plays a crucial role in your success. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who will encourage you to achieve your goals.
  6. Maintain a positive attitude: A positive attitude is essential for success. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and stay optimistic even in the face of challenges.
  7. Give back: Success is not just about achieving your own goals. It is also about making a positive impact on others. Give back to your community and help others achieve their goals.

The Wheel of Life

Ziglar’s Wheel of Life is a tool for achieving balance and success in all areas of life. The wheel is divided into seven areas: mental, spiritual, physical, family, financial, personal, and career. To achieve success, you need to focus on each area of the wheel and strive for balance.

Ziglar believed that success is not just about achieving financial wealth or career success. It is about achieving balance in all areas of life and living a fulfilling and meaningful life. By following Ziglar’s success formulas, you can achieve your goals and live the life you desire.

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